Testimonials & Cases
"I needed an emergency treatment. Excellent waiting time, less than 30 minutes. First an x-ray and direct after treatment started. No pain, perfect sedation. Had a root canal treatment. Perfect!"
"My kid's treatment went easy and perfect."
"Very pleased, No More dentists fear. But the only downside is that they are always fully booked."
"Treatment was great! The service was fabulous and the Dr was gentle, quick and extremely professional. Definitely one of the best DENTAL CLINICS in AD."
"The clinic was really a 5 star experience. The waiting room was nice and cosy. There was a playroom for kids and a play station for the older ones. Dr. Sara was great with our kids. She explained and showed them how to brush their teeth and in…
"Fast & Very Good Service !"
"Very helpful and informative reply. I will be contacting them in the FUTURE."
"They were friendly and very helpful. I like the clinic and they are well trained to deal with kids."
"Really happy with sparkle, excellent service."